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What Our Members Are Saying

I had horrible periods! For years I complained but my doctors only offered birth control. I started working with the lifestyle clinic and my life changed. My cycles are predictable and my pain is almost zero. - Kelly, NC

I was told I would never have children. My hormones were so messed up from PCOS. At age 38 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. That would have never happened if without The Lifestyle Clinic. - Candace, FL

Hot flashes were driving me nuts. 
I tried everything under the sun for menopause but nothing helped. I would get night sweats and break out sweats during the day.  It wasn't until I got fully evaluated by the team at The Lifestyle Clinic that I finally got some relief...without drugs or synthetic hormones.
Margaret, SC

I had diabetes!
 I was on metformin for 8 years. I thought I would be diabetic forever. I had no idea that hormones controlled my blood sugar. Luckily, my daughter introduced me to The Lifestyle Clinic and my A1C is now 5.5 - non diabetic with no medication! - Kim, NC

I was fat and tired. I was able to get my thyroid regulated and lose 37 lbs in 6 months thanks to The Lifestyle Clinic. I feel like a different person. I have energy, I sleep great and I fit into all my old clothes! - Brittany, MA

Depression and anxiety consumed me. I have been in therapy for as long as I can remember. When I started the program at The lifestyle Clinic, I felt like a weight lifted. Getting my hormones balanced really helped my mental health.  
Anne, MI

My blood pressure was out of control. 
I was on 3 different blood pressure drugs and I couldn't sleep. A coworker told me about The lifestyle Clinic. Within the first two weeks of starting to take the vitamins and herbs, I was sleeping like a baby. My blood pressure got better over the next few months and I was able to wean off all the drugs. Sam, Tx

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