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Could Stress Be Causing your Weight Problem? My #1 Stress Busting Secret!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Stress can definitely cause you to gain weight or allow you to carry around stubborn body fat for years because stress causes an imbalance in your hormones. The truth is, our bodies are not designed to deal with long term, on-going stress. The stress response is essentially a survival mechanism designed to keep us alive during times of life-threatening danger. However, in our society, stress is an ever-present reality. With the growing demands of balancing competing priorities, it is easy to see how stress has become so commonplace. Unfortunately, like any other system that goes out of balance in the body, the repercussion of chronic stress is a chronic disease. Stubborn body fat, heart disease, and diabetes are three of the things that I often see with a direct correlation to chronic stress. Fortunately, there are natural steps that can be taken to help reverse the effects of stress.

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