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5 ways to kick your coffee habit, naturally!

I am Dr. Parkes and this channel is dedicated to answering your health questions. I am a licensed, board certified Naturopathic Physician. I run an online clinic where I help people get their bodies balanced without using drugs or surgery in a natural, holistic way.

Coffee is one of those things that can be quite controversial. Coffee drinkers spend millions of dollars each year on their coffee indulgence. Whether you go to your favorite coffee spot or brew it at home or in the office, coffee is definitely America's wake up drink of choice. I often tell people to quit coffee and that statement is usually met with some resistance because coffee is a very addictive drug. Quitting is not easy. Most daily coffee drinkers admit they have a dependence but have no desire to deal with the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping coffee. Caffeine can cause or make a lot of symptoms worse. Some of these symptoms include insomnia, high blood pressure and anxiety. I think coffee should be enjoyed on occasion but definitely not daily since it isn't a vitamin.

This video will give you some great replacements if you are interested in breaking up with coffee.

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