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Balancing Hormones with Fibroids

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Nearly 200,000 women are diagnosed with fibroids each year. Every woman experiences fibroids differently, some cases have little to no symptoms, whereas other cases consist of overbearing cramps, heavy menstrual cycles, pelvic pain, and much more.

There is a clear link between estrogen levels and fibroid growth. This explains why women with estrogen dominance are at high risk of developing fibroids. By balancing reproductive hormones, you can prevent fibroids from getting bigger or new ones from developing.

Estrogen and progesterone levels should be balanced in order to function properly. Therefore, if your body has relatively more estrogen than it needs and relatively lower progesterone levels, then estrogen dominance is the result. Estrogen dominance can really take a toll on a woman and cause weight gain, PMS, fatigue, fertility problems, and you guessed it, fibroids.

Diagnosing estrogen dominance usually depends on age and symptoms. However, there are several blood tests that can be drawn to determine precise hormone levels. A more natural approach is the best way to deal with hormonal imbalances. Medications and surgery can be an option in severe cases but it never truly gets to the root of what is going on. That is why everyone who enrolls in my Hormone Reboot Program starts off with an extensive, comprehensive lab panel. The lab results will help me create a personalized wellness plan for the individual. This plan includes nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations specifically catered to you and your concerns.

Although lab results are needed for the most accurate suggestions, here is a generic wellness plan for someone who may be dealing with estrogen dominance and fibroids.


Drink 1 Easy Meal Smoothie Daily - This supplies plant-based protein and a full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement for optimal nutrition.

Focus on Eating Green-Leafy Vegetables - These help the liver detox and remove extra estrogen. You can consider adding Daily Organic Greens powder to your Easy Meal smoothie/shake to ensure that you are getting a broad spectrum of healthy organic greens daily.

Minimize Soy and Flax - These foods behave like estrogen in the body and for some women, it can make estrogen dominance worse.

Primarily Eat Wild Caught Fish and Seafood - Farm-Raised seafood like tilapia get exposed to high amounts of estrogen to help them grow bigger during the farming process.

Primarily Eat Organic Meat, Eggs, and Poultry - Conventionally raised meat and poultry is often exposed to estrogen and growth hormones during the farming process.

Avoid Disposable Plastic Water Bottles - The estrogen-like chemicals in the plastic can often leach into the water. For more personalized advice and to get your hormone levels checked, please check out our services at The Lifestyle Clinic.


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