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Covid19 Vaccine - My Thoughts...

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Here are my personal thoughts about the Covid19 vaccine. Obviously, nobody knows the future. I have no idea what will happen long term with the vaccine. The people who created the vaccine have no idea either. The truth is, we won't know the long term effects of any of this for another 10 - 20 years. The data is just not available.

The most common question I get after having my vaccine discussion with people is...Well, what should I do?

My immediate answer is...stop watching the news and stressing yourself out. Fear and stress weaken the immune system. The immune system is the only thing that can protect you so you need to make it stronger. What you should do is get educated on how to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You cannot have a healthy immune system in an unhealthy body. The best thing to do is focus on protecting your health by being in the best shape you can be internally so when you get exposed, your body can take care of you. With a tiny airborne virus, everybody gets exposed at one point or another. There is no way to avoid it.

If you want a way to help your immune system get better and more detailed information on the immune system and how to protect yourself from this virus and any other future similar variations of this, I created a DIY course that will do just that. Here is the link -

Now for my answers to the most common questions about this vaccine....just press play.


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