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High Blood Pressure & Hormones

High blood pressure is a condition that nearly 68 million Americans face and about 20% of them do not even know they have it. In order for your body to function properly, your circulatory system needs to carry out oxygenated blood throughout your tissues, organs, and entire body. And the heart helps build pressure to pump this blood through tube-shaped blood vessels, like the arteries, veins, and capillaries.

When stress levels increase, blood pressure levels can start to rise. This results in heart and blood vessels working overtime and not being as efficient. With time, the deterioration of high blood pressure can cause damage to the delicate tissues inside the arteries. Then, bad cholesterol starts to build up plaque along the tears of the artery walls. When this plaque continues to increase the arteries become narrower and raise the blood pressure even more.

This process is continuously compromised and is reinforced with unhealthy habits. This condition can cause so much damage without a person even knowing. And ultimately, high blood pressure can result in a heart attack or stroke. Luckily, there are a few lifestyle habits that can be implemented into your daily routine today for a healthy heart.


Whenever your body perceives stress, your adrenal glands produce and release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone also narrows the arteries while another hormone, epinephrine, increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Together, these two hormones put your heart at risk while blood is being pumped faster and harder, damaging blood vessels.

Normal levels of cortisol are released when you wake up in the morning or exercise. These levels can actually regulate your blood pressure and strengthen your heart muscle. Studies show one of the best stress relievers is a nice, steady workout. Try exploring different stress-relieving activities like exercise, meditation, or a relaxing hobby for reducing high blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Stay Away from Sugar!

Excessive sugar intake can impact the way your body produces insulin and how your body creates energy to function. Over time this can actually cause high blood sugar levels, which impact the amount of glucose traveled in the body causing damage to blood vessels and the kidneys.

The best and practically only way to address this is through cleaning up your diet. Focusing on whole foods, like fruit, vegetables, and lean meats will set you up for success. Plus, adding coconut or olive oil to your cooking is an extra bonus.

Find a Hormone Expert!

Depending on your health history, high blood pressure can be a result of hormonal changes, like menopause, diabetes, or chronic stress. Many doctors don't look at the link between hormone changes and high blood pressure. This is why year after year, more and more people take blood pressure medications but their blood pressure never really gets better. Without looking at the real cause of blood pressure elevation, it is impossible to fix blood pressure long term. If you are dealing with long-term blood pressure issues, I always recommend finding a trusted hormone expert to help you navigate your journey of hormonal changes naturally, without the use of drugs.

Fortunately, if this is what you need help with right now, your search has been made easy. My online practice, The Lifestyle Clinic, can help you with all your hormonal and wellness needs. Through intensive lab work, we are able to get to the root of your health concerns and create a wellness plan just for you. Over time, this plan will help you get your body back naturally and prevent disease from occurring in the body. Click here for more information!


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