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How to Stop The Cold and Flu Cycle and Stay Well This Year

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

'Tis the season for aches, pains, and noses full of snot. Germs seem to be lurking more than ever during this season and getting sick may seem inevitable. Luckily, it is not! Protecting yourself from the cold and flu can be easy. The most effective way to avoid getting sick is by adopting healthy habits that will keep your immune system strong and ready to ward off any germs and infections.

Without further or do, here are my top tips to protect yourself and others from the cold and flu this year...

  • Avoid close contact. This should be obvious but this is your reminder to keep your distance from those who are sick. And vice versa, if you are feeling under the weather avoid being in close contact with others. Keeping a respectable distance from those who are sick can keep you and others healthy and well.

  • Clean your hands regularly. Keeping your hands clean is reportedly one of the best ways to avoid getting a cold. Doing so will help protect you from germs and from spreading them. Because once germs are on your hands, it is very easy for them to get into your body if you touch your eyes or mouth. That is why I highly recommend keeping hand sanitizer handy for emergencies.

  • Sanitize surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces like countertops, tables, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, and faucets regularly can help stop the spread of germs. Especially, if someone in your home is sick. Another way to combat germs is to transition to using disposable cups and eating utensils.

  • Clean diet. One of the many responsibilities of the body is to keep you healthy and protect you from sicknesses. Maintaining a nutritious whole-food diet is an amazing way to nourish your body and boost its natural defenses. Doing so can also reduce your risk of developing unwanted health concerns.

  • Hydrate. Drinking enough water every day enhances your bodily functions, like kidney filtration, regulation of blood pressure, production of hormones, and many more. Pro tip: If you do not like drinking plain water, try adding fresh fruit like berries, lemons, oranges, or cucumbers to add taste.

  • Physical wellness. Regular body movement has been shown to lower stress levels, improve energy levels, and keep you healthy and strong. This is important to know because when you are overly stressed, your body produces stress hormones that suppress your immune function. Physical activity helps release endorphins to keep your body feeling good and healthy.

  • Supplements Supplements are closely linked with the previous tip of eating healthy. The two go hand in hand and both are extremely important to keeping your body healthy and well. While I do believe following a personalized supplement regime is the key to good health. There is an Immune Boosting Bundle that I would recommend to anyone looking for a clean and natural remedy to fight off any infections or sickness. This bundle includes 3 potent tinctures that are to be taken daily whilst being sick and have been shown to speed up the recovery process. For more information on this Immune Boosting Bundle, click here!


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