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Naturally, treat and reduce your hot flashes!

I am Dr. Parkes and this channel is dedicated to answering your health questions. I am a licensed, board certified Naturopathic Physician. I run an online clinic where I help people get their bodies balanced without using drugs or surgery in a natural, holistic way.

The dreaded sudden flashes of heat called hot flashes are usually associated with menopause. Hot flashes, although very common, are actually abnormal. Many women struggle through their menopausal years looking for relief from hot flashes without getting to the core of the matter. The truth is, hot flashes mostly happen in women who have a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance usually comes as a complication from long term stress which weakens the adrenal glands (the glands responsible for dealing with stress). A true, long term solution for avoiding or getting rid of hot flashes doesn't come through using dangerous hormone replacements but instead through nourishing and balancing the adrenal glands.

This video will give you some great insights to understanding hot flashes.

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