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[Newsflash] Want to know what the best type of exercise is for weight loss in women???

The exercise war is almost as fierce as the diet war. When trying to find out what the best type of exercise is - the answer depends on who you ask. In fact, the truth may surprise you! There is no such thing as the best type of exercise for losing weight. Nope! Like everything else in my practice, my answer is the standard - well, it depends on who you are. Plain and simple. We know that increasing your activity levels help you burn more calories because you are using more energy. But ask any woman who has been on a treadmill burning calories for months without losing any weight....burning calories in not always synonymous with weight loss.

The truth is, your body's ability to let go of stubborn fat depends on various factors, the most important is your hormonal balance. Sometimes doing the wrong type of workout for your hormones can actually cause you to gain weight, especially if you are a woman. Knowing your hormonal type is one key to figuring out the best types of exercise for you!

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