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Top 4 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

If you go to Google and search “weight loss tips,” you will see millions of hits about quick weight loss and ways to avoid gaining weight that people like to toss around. However, a lot of these “facts” and “studies” all over the Internet lack any scientific evidence. Many of them are simply common myths and presumptions about obesity and weight loss.

These claims, many of which lack any sufficient evidence they are true, lead people to make poor decisions about how they can best address obesity and avoid excess weight. Experts suggest investing the time to determine if a weight loss suggestion is true or not before patterning your lifestyle after it. These weight loss myths are so common and pervasive that they seem to be virtually everywhere and can actually derail your attempts to lose weight.

1. Eating Less Equals to Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of “weight loss plateau”? This phenomenon happens to your body when you eat less. In a weight loss plateau, your body adjusts and weight loss stagnates when you cut your calorie intake for an extended period of time. If you keep the change in your caloric intake, your body will go further into preservation mode, causing your resting metabolism to continue slowing down and become more inefficient at burning calories.

2. You Should Never Skip Breakfast

One commonly held belief that IS actually true is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for effective weight loss. Remember that in your efforts to lose weight, it is important to fuel your body. Choose healthy foods that provide protein and fiber for long-lasting energy, satiety, and calorie burning. That is why Easy Meal is a great solution for a quick, easy breakfast. It is packed with all the nutrients needed to keep you going and satisfied until your next meal.

3. Eat the Whole Egg

When you think about diet foods, egg whites probably come to your mind. They are a rich source of complete protein and they help with weight loss. However, egg whites also lack the most important nutrients you can obtain from whole eggs. People fear eating whole eggs because the yolk contains cholesterol. But current research shows there is no need to fear the fatty acids and cholesterol in yolks because they also have the key nutrients that egg whites don’t in order to satiate your body.

4. Small Frequent Meals Reduce Hunger and Contribute to Weight Loss

This is one of the most prevailing weight loss myths circling online. Popular belief is that by eating small, frequent meals every day, you can reduce hunger and increase weight loss. However, the current research found there is no difference in the weight loss or the metabolic rates of people eating three, big meals a day or those that eat small, frequent meals. In fact, they found the latter to have an increased rate of systemic inflammation and endotoxins circulating in the body. What is important is what and how much you eat, not necessarily when you eat it.

For long-term, sustained weight loss, do your homework and make sure that you are shaping your new lifestyle and healthy habits around solid, legitimate information. Click here to schedule a free consultation today to learn more!


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