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Vacation Therapy for Stress Management

This may be your sign to start booking your vacation today!

Most working people are vacationing less, working longer hours, and retiring later in life. Research from the American Institute of Stress, shows that 25% of people view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Another study from the U.S. Travel Association in 2017 revealed that about 768 million working Americans had unused vacation days.

Working days on end with no break or time to relax can be draining and lead to chronic stress and burnout. Over time these high stress levels can increase the risk of one developing health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, low immunity, stomach, and sleep problems. Stress can also cause one to be more irritable, depressed, anxious, and influence poor decision making.

Needless to say, stress is not healthy and can lead to some serious consequences. That is why it is necessary that we take time to replenish and completely de-stress. This recovery process requires flipping the switch and not think about work for a period of time. Research shows that taking time away from work can have both physical and psychological health benefits.

Here a few research-based reasons why you should take a break and start planning a vacation:

  1. Low Stress. The American Psychological Association showed that vacations can help reduce stress as it allows one to remove themselves from people, tasks, and environments that may trigger stress.

  2. Keeps You Healthy. Taking time to relax regularly leads to lower stress levels, which in turn can improve and maintain your health.

  3. Boost of Creativity. A nice, relaxing vacation can truly give one the moment to reconnect with themselves, which can leave one feeling their most authentic and creative self.

  4. Improved Productivity. Working people deserve time off to mentally recharge, doing so can help increase ones productivity, quality of work, and mental focus.

  5. Better Sleep. Sleepless nights are common complaints of one who is overally stressed. Researchers believe that vacations can help break unhealthy sleep patterns, like working late or being in front of a screen all day.

  6. Strengthen Bonds. Spending quality time with loved ones, especially one vacation can help strengthen your relationship and create beautiful memories.

  7. Feel Good. When you are doing something brings joy and happinesess, your brain gives you a boost of dopamine, a happy hormone that makes you feel good.

  8. No Burnout. Working people who take time to relax and de-stress are less likely to experience burnout and actually help them be more creative and productive.

Now, while everyone may not be able to just take off work for a week and book a vacation, it is important to still take a few days to recharge. A study showed that a four-day weekend had the same positive effects on ones wellbeing for as long as 45 days. And remember it does not always have to be a formal vacation, you can plan a stay-cation in your city.

Overall, stresses from work and daily life can impact on lives in many ways, but it is important to take time to disconnect and destress to come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


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