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Gail's Transition to Natural Medicine Was Not Easy!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Gail was like many of us at one point. She has had a long career in nursing so when it came to her personal health challenges, she thought her only option was to see a medical doctor. The only problem with this approach was that she wasn't getting the results she needed. After many years of struggling with symptoms and finding no answers, she was frustrated. This is the place where many of our new program members find themselves. They are upset because they know their bodies don't feel good but they are told the issue is in their head or they are only prescribed drugs to mask the symptoms.

Although medication does have its place, I do not think this should be the first resort when you are truly seeking optimal health and wellness. Focusing on the basics like nutrition, exercise, and adopting healthy routines is a much better place to start. Depending on your wellness goals, it can be very helpful to invest in your health with someone who is able to customize a lifestyle program that fits you. Doing so will give you an opportunity to address your concerns in a more personalized fashion and see optimal results.

That is exactly what Gail did...

She was not feeling her best and was hesitant to approach her concerns with natural medicine. However, it is safe to say she does not regret it. Gail partnered with The Lifestyle Clinic and now feels great.

Watch this video to hear more about her story!

For more information on how to get your health back, click here!


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