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Salena is Free from Taking Pharmaceutical Drugs. Here is How She Did it

Between the years 2015-2016, a study showed 45.8% of Americans were taking prescription drugs. And the pharmaceutical industry is on the rise with being worth almost 1.27 TRILLION DOLLARS!!! This is a true epidemic we as Americans are facing. Most of the time, medications are used as band-aids and can be avoided by creating a healthy lifestyle. There have been too many situations where my patients come to me taking a laundry list of medications. And it baffles me when I realize most of them are unnecessary.

Although medicine is sometimes needed, it should not be taken long term, especially when treating a specific health concern. This approach is not effective because it does not address the root cause. That is why lab work is the first thing we do when enrolling in The Lifestyle Clinic. A lot of the labs within our panel include those that are not covered by insurance. Which means your medical physician may not draw them. However, the results are necessary to truly address your health concerns and for creating a wellness plan just for you.

Everyone in my practice has their own personalized wellness plan, which includes nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. Over time by following your plan, you'll reap the benefits of good health, energy, and being free of medications. And that is what happened to Salena. Salena came to me taking a ton of medications and other treatments to address her hormonal imbalance and digestive concerns. And with my program, she has been able to overcome her concerns and stop taking medicinal drugs.


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