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Ingrid Lowered Her Blood Sugar and Feels GREAT!!

Working as a teacher can be stressful for many reasons. Balancing work and everyday life can be overwhelming and if not managed properly can cause harm to our health. That is why it's important to partner with a specialized team of health and wellness professionals to hold your hand through the process. Which is what I do here at my online clinic.

Blood sugars can easily improve through eating habits. As you shift what's on your plate with whole foods, you can't go wrong. Especially, when you're drinking your daily Easy Meal shake. Easy Meal is planted-based, gluten-free, and is also a complete multi-vitamin with every serving. The protein source is pea, which is great on the digestive system. This is important to note because popular protein blends are sourced from whey cause a lot of inflammation in the body and soy protein affects your hormonal levels. This protein powder is a great meal replacement and will help curb any sugar cravings which also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Over the years, I've had hundreds of patients shed pounds because they started drinking their daily Easy Meal smoothies. Including Ingrid.

She came to me with blood sugar, blood pressure, and stress levels through the roof. Working with me she was able to get it ALL under control and is now feeling better than ever! Check out this video to hear more about her story...


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