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Lupus-Free and Full of Energy - Meet Adrianne

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

You'd be surprised at the number of patients I've had enroll in my program, desperate for answers. A lot of the time, the story is the same and one line I always seem to hear is "I've been taking these medications and still do not feel better."

There are many unfortunate situations I've come across that could've been prevented with lifestyle changes and whole-food supplements. Which is pretty much my approach to almost everything. I help people get their lives back without using all the drugs. One of these people is named Adrianne.

Adrianne, like everyone, has a unique story. She came to me worried and afraid for her well-being. She needed a natural approach to healing her body minus the medications. Because the ones she was taking were actually doing more damage than good.

We were able to figure out the root cause, change eating habits, and create a personalized supplement plan catered to her needs. With her consistency and persistence to get better, she can now say she is Lupus-Free, taking no medications, and feels better than ever. She is full of energy and can spend quality time with her loved ones in a way she was not able to before. Her story is remarkable and truly inspirational.

Watch this video to hear about her transformation!

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